Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Certified Short Sale SpecialistTM

Within every major market shift lies opportunity. Although Idaho has not been hit as hard as California or some of the other larger states, short sales and pre-foreclosure properties currently make up 10%+ of the Boise, Idaho MLS. That number will continue to grow in the next two to three years.

I recently received a new nationally recognized designation of Certified Short Sales Specialist after taking an intensive two day class focused on all aspects of acquiring and listing short sale properties. In addition to my experience with short sales, this class afforded me a wealth of working knowledge that only a very small percentage of real estate professionals in our area hold. With the additional working knowledge that this designation brings, I can assist you in purchasing properties in Idaho at 70% of market value or less.

Banks do not want properties back as REO's. It will cost the bank 25% of the loan amount (on average) to take the property back and sell it as an REO. Banks want to avoid this scenario.

As I mentioned, there is money to be made with every major market shift. If you are interested in buying properties at 70% of current market value or less, please call or email for access to a list of local short sales. You can reach me at 208 919 0458 or email me at Michael.Hon@IronEagleRE.com.

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