Thursday, November 01, 2012

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

Technically, no, the stock market is not rigged. If you do your homework, research stocks, and learn as much as you can to make the right buys, you can still make money. But, the truth is, there is just no way for individual investors to make sense of the market. Insiders have the edge and the average man has nothing. Players with more money, more resources, more information, better technology, and more power of the game bypass us on all sides.

The market makers need to recognize that for most investors, investing is broken. Investors need to realize that the stock market isn’t the only profitable investment as well. Many investors have already realized this and have taken on one of the most lucrative investments to date – real estate.

Now is the time to invest in real estate. Homes have never been more affordable, mortgage rates are breaking record lows, rental homes are in high demand, and rental prices are skyrocketing and making investors a truck load of cash.

Not only is real estate making investors lots of money, investing in rental a home also takes up less time. By hiring a property manager, investors won’t have to do constant research to check on the current market. Property managers do all the work for them. They maintain the home, get reliable tenants placed quickly, make sure the investors are getting the most money for their property, and at the end of each month cut them a check. Easy as that.

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